image of sketches in a collage. All sketches entail home life: showering, toys, plants, clothing, dogs, cats, pets, tea, milk, biscuits, sleeping, popcorn, candles, side tables, sun, desks, laptops, men, women and children.
CI Studio commissioned an illustration set for their rebrand of Oaklee, a social housing body established in 2001. Illustrations appear on Oaklee's rebranded website, social media, company documents, and merchandising like calendars and poster panels.​​​​​​​
GIF copyright of CI Studio. Oaklee images are shown on colour backgrounds.
GIF © CI Studio
Oaklee website design copyright of CI Studio. Illustrations are shown in the Oaklee branded house shape.

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All illustrations have been designed to conform to the signature Oaklee house shape, consistently utilised throughout the rebrand.
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