Amy Lauren
👋 Hi there! I'm Amy, an illustrator from Ireland.

I graduated from Technological University Dublin in 2018 with a degree in Visual Communication. Since 2020, I've been working as an illustrator, for editorial, branding, advertising, graphic recording, and comics.
My clients include:
The European Commission, Intercom, Politico Europe, The National Gallery of Ireland, Medicinal Media, Thérapie Clinic, The Skinny Magazine, Bean & Goose, University College Cork, Voice of San Diego, The Lawrentian, Special Olympics International, Limelight Communications, and many more.
I like to scribble, outline, and break things down. Dramatic curves, long lines and choppy textures dot my images lately.
​​​​​​​Instagram – @amylaurenillo

I am a member of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland.
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